When we design the logos for our business clients, a lot of features related to the products and services are taken into account. To fully understand your requirements, Garnishcreatives.com makes it easier for you to interact with our team of experts.
Step 1


Send us your creative brief on info@garnishcreatives.com or call us directly where you’d tell us more about what you do, what makes you unique in the marketplace, any design preferences you might have, and whether you already have a vision in mind for your design. Our designers will take this information, combine it with their 5 years experience in graphic design, and give you something you’ll truly love. Remember, the more you are able to tell us, the better the results!

Some design information-gathering questions are:
What does the company do?
Who are the company’s typical customers?
Who are the company’s business competitors?
How is the company positioned in the market compared to its competitors?
Does the company have existing design style guides (company colors, typefaces, etc.)?
If you already have a vision in mind for your design?


As soon as you’re done with the creative brief, our designers start working on your Design. For different kinds of services, we have managed to create plans to suit the requirements of the clients. As a result, you can find a wide range of options.
Once we have done our research, we can get on to the fun part of the design process. our ideas run free and get them down on paper. This is our time to develop an often elusive good blend of great graphics that also convey the right message for your client. In this step, we are trying to encapsulate the diverse and complex nature of a business into a small and simple design, suitable for use in a multitude of different circumstances (business cards, marketing material, website design, and more).
All this process normally takes 3 to 4 days (depending upon design media you choose). After all this your Design is ready to be shown off with various options (depending upon design media you choose).

Step 2
Step 3


Once you review your design concepts, we’ll ask for your feedback on how to make them even better. Your feedback will enable us to improve upon our Design, so this step is an essential component of design projects.


As soon as you are happy with the revisions, we’ll transfer all copyright over to you and prepare the files so you can download them and use them to build your brand. We provide all the necessary formats including EPS (vector), JPG, PNG, and a PDF version so you can use it just about everywhere…

Step 4